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  • The Fidesmo card is a multi-application device that makes it possible to develop and use services available through Fidesmo. Services available include apps for access control, secure Bitcoin storage, U2F two-factor authentication, PGP email encryption and secure One-Time Password generation, amongst others. When not being used for development with a contactless reader the device can be used with the Fidesmo Android™ app available on Google Play™:
  • The Fidesmo card is the perfect device to develop applets which work with the Fidesmo ecosystem.
  • The Fidesmo Card supports MIFARE Classic®, Java Card™ 3.0.1, GlobalPlatform™ 2.2.1, and ISO 14443-A. To learn how to develop services with Fidesmo visit:
  • The Fidesmo Card contains the following secure element: NXP P40 JCOP 2.4.2 J3D145GA4
  • Your Android phone must support NFC communications to be used with the Fidesmo app.
  • Java Card is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. All other product names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.
Note that the Fidesmo card can not be used for payments.