Fidesmo Signature Pink Tag
Fidesmo Signature Pink Tag

Fidesmo Signature Pink Tag

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Connect your Mastercard or Visa card and make secure and convenient payments on the go with your Fidesmo tag. 

Supported payment cards from Swedbank, SEB, Nordea, Eika and VIMPay can be connected. For a detailed list of supported payment cards, please visit The list of supported payment cards updates continuously, so stay tuned even if your card is not supported at the moment. 

Choose between two ways of connecting your payment card to the tag: 

  • Connect your payment card in the checkout when ordering your tag. You will then activate your tag at once you’ve received it. All instructions will be found in the packaging.
  • Connect your payment card through the Fidesmo Android app. 

For FAQ or support contacts please visit


Length: 5 cm
Width: 2,5 cm