YubiKey NEO with Fidesmo

YubiKey NEO with Fidesmo

The YubiKey NEO with Fidesmo has full support for the Fidesmo platform and is the perfect device to:
• do some applet development with the Fidesmo ecosystem.
• put into a garment and start prototyping your wearable in no time.

The device also comes with these benefits:
• Out-of-the-box you can use the pre-installed U2F app to log in to all FIDO alliance U2F supporting services. Among others that means close to effortless two-factor login to your Google account when using Chrome on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android.
• Using the Fidesmo Android app, you can install an OTP app for free to add a hardware security layer to most services that support two-factor authentication.
• Using the Fidesmo android app, you can also install a PGP app for free to store your private encryption key for all your communication directly on the device. This enables you to encrypt emails, messages and files before sending them to others!
• Through the Fidesmo Android app you can install other apps on your YubiKey NEO with Fidesmo such as the Bitcoin wallet Ledger Unplugged!
55 EUR