FIDESMO CARD with Dual Interface

FIDESMO CARD with Dual Interface

The Fidesmo Card with Dual Interface is a multi-application card that will make it possible to use any of the services available through the Fidesmo Card App Store (an Android™ app available on Google Play™: ). Among others apps for access control, secure Bitcoin storage, U2F two-factor authentication, PGP email encryption and secure One-Time Password generation are available. All publicly available apps are also listed in the web version of the Fidesmo Card App Store:

A Fidesmo Card is required if you want to use Fidesmo Services or develop services for the Fidesmo Platform. It supports MIFARE Classic®, Java Card™ 3.0.1, GlobalPlatform™ 2.1.1, and ISO 14443-A, and can be used with all apps and services in the Fidesmo Card App Store. To learn how to develop services with Fidesmo visit:

Your Android phone must support NFC communications.

The Fidesmo Card with Dual Interface is only available in white and is ready to be printed. The Fidesmo card number box is already printed on the cards. For more information about printing see the white card specification here:

The Fidesmo Card with Dual Interface is tested with good results with Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, Nexus 5X, and Samsung Galaxy S6. We have seen issues with the following devices: Nexus 6P, OnePlus One, Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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